Plasma your naturally heaalty teeth

Regenerative medicine aims to use the resources of our body to regenerate and recover damaged functions.

In this line the therapeutic use of the plasma rich in growth factors has been developed in different medical specialties such as dentistry, traumatology, dermatology, sports medicine and aesthetic medicine among others.

The technology of plasma rich in growth factors used in this centrer is the result of the publication of more than one hundred scientific articles in journals and presentations in national and international conferences.

Plasma rico en factor crecimiento


What is the technology of plasma rich in growth factors?
Today it is possible to enhance the human body´s ability to heal itself throught the technique of plasma rich in growth factors, it is possible to isolate, concentrate and extract blood proteins that play an essential role in the process of tissue repair.


The plasma rich in growth factors is obtained from the patient’s own blood.
It has meant a revolution in the field of dentistry; it allows us to offer solutions minimally invasive, customized, bio secure and predictable.


Stimulates the healing process the affected tissue regeneration is faster and more effective.
Accelerate the integration of the implant in the bone.
It reduces inflammation and pain.
Higher stability of the implant damp with plasma rich in growth factors.
Improvement of postoperative.
This centre professionals have the equipment and specific training fort the application of this technique.