Dentall Stem Cells

Did you know that tooth pulp contains stem cells? We all know the benefits of preserving the stem cells. Studies have shown its great therapeutic potential in regenerative medicine. It has a 100% compatiblility as they are patient.
In the future they could regenerate skin, bone, cartilage, muscles, nerves and other tissues that have been damaged by injury or diseases

Stem cells are the master cells of our body. Constitute the essential basis for health because it has the function of repairing and replacing damaged tissues,they keep us healthy and prevent premature aging. They are responsible for replacing cells to the heart beat, the brain function, regenerate our skin or the kidneys clean the blood.

Células madre dentales

In 2000, Gronthos et al., And in 2003, Dr. Songtao Shi, a researcher at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the United States, revealed the existence of stem cells in dental pulp of teeth. From then, studies have not ceased, and the viability and guarantees of this biological material have been demonstrated in numerous scientific evidence. 

The tooth pulp is a source of dental stem cells, which have potential to treat diseases or injuries without rejection. This shelter, until more than a decade, unknown, contains mesenchymal cells with ability to multiply, differentiate and specialize. These unique qualities allow them to regenerate skin, bones, cartilage, muscles, nerves and other tissues that may have been damaged by various diseases. Células madre dentales

Stem cells have the ability to self-renew, differentiate and multiply and, according to their origin, can be: 

• Embryonic: from an embryo. 
• In adult tissue: from bodies already formed (bone marrow, dental pulp, umbilical cord, periodontal ligament, adipose tissue, brain, heart or muscles). These cells carry no ethical problems.

Many people and preserve the cord blood, but few 
They know that it is possible to obtain dental and cryopreserve stem cells, whosetherapeutic potential is much better. 
They are a treasure for the future, DENCELLS INSTITUTE BIOMEDICAL has developed and patented a protocol for processing and cryopreservation of these cells so valuable.

Dental Clinic Las Palmeras is one of the first clinics in Spain, first in Malaga and Marbella only accredited DENCELLS to offer the service of cryopreservation Dental Stem Cell. 

Why do you keep them? 

The extraordinary progress of science in research for treatments with dental stem cells portends promising near future in regenerative medicine and cell therapy from this natural source of life. 
Teeth are a commodity with which nature provides every person, and the mere fact of storing stem cells from dental pulp containing means investing in the opportunity for a healthier future. No invasive procedures or spinal punctures.Even the risk of rejection because they originate in our own body and are for autologous use. 
Since it was discovered in 2000, numerous clinical trials for treatments involving these stem cells, and in a few years could be very useful for those who now have vision, and preserved. But where do you extract ?:

  • Teeth: all healthy deciduous teeth are a rich source of dental stem cells.
  • Permanent or adult teeth, permanent teeth and wisdom teeth also contain a multitude of dental stem cells can grow and preserve.
Células madre dentales

The quality of material obtained from deciduous and permanent teeth have the same potential, while the case of a healthy tooth fillings or tooth decay or without affecting the pulp. Therefore, the opportunity to conserve this biological materialwill facilitate patient access to medicine of the future without surgical procedures.

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