Our philosophy of work

We have always thought that the Tooth is part of the mouth and this one, part of the rest of the organism. It is impossible to think of it as an isolated element.

Everything is connected. Based on this concept , when we see a patient we do it with a global vision understanding that is a set of expressions that we can quantify through different methods of diagnosis as anamnesis ( talk to patients), clinical exploration, photos, videos, digital radiographs, dental scanners, clinical analysis etc. but, always being aware that your emotions, sensations, past experiences and fears are present in an abstract way ( we can not see it so is difficult to measure) but it will conditioned the relationship between patient-professional helping to give you back mental and physical health.
Patients are not numbers, they are persons.

Nuestro Equipo

For all this reasons we try to give an attention:
- Personalized
- Sensitive
- Understanding
- Empathetic ( we will put us in your place)
- Absolutely painless.
- With maximum quality and aesthetics
- Respecting your time.
- Willing to listen
- Informing the patient
- Always looking for the best solution