Radical Change

ALL ON FOUR, make a radical change in its mouth. Profile and lips.

All On Four

ALL ON FOUR SYSTEM is the newest generation  technique on implanthology  done by appropriately well qualified professionals that allows to perform extractions, elimination of infection and the positioning of implants and teeth in both arcades top and botton on a fixed way, without palate,  IN THE SAME DAY.

It is useful in a high percentage of patients and in some cases, it is necessary to supplement with other techniques.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world enjoy this advanced technique, that in addition to a considerable saving in time and money, it is psicologically beneficial do to the radical change that the patient feels in a few hours, the results of aesthetic, durability, resistance and quality are exceptional.

Zygoma Implants.

The zygoma implants is an alternative technique that makes possible the rehabilitation with implants on patients with little or no bone in the upper maxillary, being able to make the prosthesis in less than 48 hours.
This practice has many advantages compared to the bone regeneration technique, where it is necessary to wait from 8 month to a year to place the implant.
This treatment is done under general anesthesia ( in colaboration with High Care International Hospital of Marbella)
We use the latest technological advances.
- Virtual aesthetic, allows the patient to see the results before surgery
- Analysis in 3-D, we value the viability, the quantity and quality of the bone before surgery. Aesthetics and functional aspects.
- Computerized guide surgery, is the most advanced technique to place implants in the site that we have previously decided.
- Minimally invasive surgery or microsurgery, allows us to place implants without stiches with many advantages for patients.
- Immediate loading implants, on the same day we can place implants and prosthesis without the need to wait for months to do so as it is with the conventional techniques.