Unloading splints or Michigan Splints

In dentistry, we refer to the Michigan splint as a splint used to treat problems such as bruxism and occlusal overload.

Bruxism are involuntary movements that usually appear while we sleep, which produce pressure on the jaws as a squeaking of the teeth, due to stress among other causes.

This stress can cause wear on natural teeth, fractures of old caps, bone loss, tooth mobility, TMJ problems (jumping, noises, buzzing, etc.).

The splints are made of biocompatible material for oral use (free of bisphenols) and personalised by means of a 3D scan of the patient's mouth.

The function of the Michigan type unloading splints is to achieve a relaxation of the peribuccal musculature and the muscles around the TMJ avoiding wear on the teeth, protecting the periodontium (tissues that surround the tooth and give it stability).